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Not all new home builders are the same. We specialize in constructing custom homes – you get to make choices rather than “taking what you get”. It means that whether you are on a strict budget or a more flexible one, VictoryGate Custom Homes tailor-makes homes to meet your needs. You can trust that we put the same effort and employ the same level of craftsmanship regardless of the price range of the home.

  • To us, “custom” means that once you have made your choices, we pay close attention to the unique touches and details you have decided you want in your new home. It is why people choose custom new home builders.
  • To us, “homes” means more than simply putting up walls and putting in windows. It means we create distinctive living areas that welcome friends and are warm and inviting to family members.

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Our focus is to make quality a top priority. In our experience, true quality isn’t exclusive to only million dollar homes. While we are proud that we build luxury homes, we don’t focus on the budget. We focus on making a personalized experience for you. Many customers are more confident in choosing a new home builder that has been trusted by luxury home clients as we have been.

We hope that you will schedule a private tour of our model or spec homes. You may see exactly the floor plan you are looking for and get ideas about some of the choices you have. You will see up-close the quality that we provide since that is a driving force in our company.

If this is your first tailored home, you may want to know the process.

  • It begins with you touring our homes and observing house plans. Then, you will meet the builder – the owner of the company. “I enjoy getting to know all of our clients and giving them the opportunity to ask as many questions as they need to in order to feel comfortable and knowledgeable.” Then, if you haven’t already, you find a lot and select a house plan. We can help point out developments that meet your criteria. You meet again with us to finalize the plans including any changes you would like in the features of your home.
  • You will receive a spreadsheet with all of the details of pricing explained and then enter into a contract with us. We work together to determine the date construction will begin, and then the excitement of building begins! At certain points in the building process, we will be meeting to make selections, such as appliances, flooring, and wall color. This is another point at which we can be invaluable, as we have experience and knowledge of manufacturers and innovations on the market.

During construction, you are welcome to contact us at any time by email or phone. We closely supervise the construction of every home and will keep in close communication with you. We highly trust our trades and their quality, but we always want to make sure your standards have been met. Finally, we do the final walk-through with you, and the keys are yours!

We would like to have the opportunity to show you
what makes us unique among new home builders.
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