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VictoryGate Custom Homes is a green home builder dedicated to giving you choices that build energy efficiency and environmental friendliness into your new home. When you are choosing the new house, you can choose its impact on the environment and on your lifestyle. As with all of our construction, it’s not about the cost of your home or of the materials, it is about our commitment to “do it right”. In this day and age, it pays to go green when planning your new home.

We are your green home builder — we give you choices that can
save the environment, save energy and save you money. 
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Your choices can be surprisingly affordable. Sometimes a simple adjustment in materials or design can have an enormous impact on the energy efficiency of your new home.

For instance, the basic style of window today beats anything available ten years ago, according to the government (EPA) ENERGY STAR program estimates. There are levels you can step up to that have even greater impact on energy efficiency. The old technology allowed heat and cooling to literally go out the window. When we are your green home builder, we will provide clear guidance on the options you have for windows that definitely save energy, save the environment, and keep energy bills in check.

Appliances today are also designed to be energy efficient. Once again, the EPA gives guidance on refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, and more. We keep current on what is on the market and the impact it will have on your utility usage. As an example, a green dishwasher uses less hot water (you save the cost of heating the water); uses less electricity and as a bonus, may be quieter than older models.

Heating and cooling systems go a long way toward reducing energy consumption even in a Northern Ohio winter! We are a green home builder that stays on top of technology and developments so that you understand the innovations and choices you have including geothermal systems. We won’t forget the water heater, either. Over the lifetime in your new home, there is real utility savings to be had.

Natural lighting and natural cooling are very cost efficient techniques of a green home builder. Environmentally sound natural lighting ranges from placement of windows to take advantage of daylight to using skylights to let in “free” light. Natural cooling is also a function of window placement as well as placement of your home on the lot. We take advantage of the shade from existing trees and plant new ones in appropriate locations. Both techniques aid in natural cooling and positively impact the environment. We also design overhangs and porches that affect natural indoor cooling.

Airtight drywall (ADA) is a green home builder approach that makes a home “tight” which means drafts are prevented. With the combination of tight construction and new airtight windows and sashes, you can consider a more open floor plan which offers additional energy savings over the need to warm or cool separate rooms.

As your green home builder, we have the knowledge to explore with you other energy efficiencies:

  • Insulation
  • Geothermal
  • Choice of thermostat
  • Lighting and light bulb selection
  • Heat pumps
  • Light colored roof shingles
  • Tankless water heater

We are proud of our commitment to being a green home builder.
We would be proud to serve your needs.
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We are a green home builder in Canton, Akron, Alliance, Louisville, Massillon, Medina, and Wooster.